What do hemorrhoids look like and how to treat and get rid of them

What Do Hemorrhoids Look Like?

What Do Hemorrhoids Look Like?

Hemorrhoids usually appear like flattened grapes often next to a full grape-like bunch. Sometimes they can even appear wrinkly. Internal hemorrhoids ordinarily not visible can protrude outwards and would appear as the ones previously described. They sometimes go back in after a period of strain is over or stay out in many cases. In most cases, everyone has hemorrhoids which are internal and invisible as well as painless. You may be surprised by this information because the types of hemorrhoids people usually are aware of are the external and painful or itchy kinds. So the shock of knowing what they can look like probably doesn’t even begin to compare to the shock when you see what looks like your insides (down there) seemingly falling out. Hemorrhoids ordinarily look like tiny lumps of grapes protruding from the anus. Their shapes and sizes as well as their numbers differ from person to person. Sometimes, there is only the singular mass or possibly small cluster of hemorrhoids.

What do hemorrhoids look like and why no pictures?

OK, the truth of the matter is we stuck with a description instead of pictures because most people really don’t want to look at them. If you must see, no problem. Just click here.

What the heck is a hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoids are more or less swollen veins in the anal or rectal area. Their causes can be many ranging from diarrhea, pregnancy, lifting, constipation, prolonged standing or sitting and any other physical activity involving strain.

How can we even talk about it?

You were probably brought up under the pretext that hemorrhoids are the unmentionable and dirty parts of the human anatomy. The thought of viewing the grape like lumps appearing in such a private region is mortifying. But talk about it you must should you see the grape like protrusions, or blood in your feces, in your toilet bowl or blood on your underwear. Talk to your personal physician should any of these symptoms arise.

How serious is this?

Self diagnosis and treatment is of course, possible; but not suggested. Conditions such as warts can be mistaken for hemorrhoids. Professional diagnosis with a personal medical physician is recommended so that appropriate treatment can be a started. Another reason for medical diagnosis and treatment is that what you thought was hemorrhoids can actually be symptoms of something far more serious, such as cancer. And no one wants that for a surprise.

What can I do?

There are many over the counter hemorrhoid creams for which you do not need a prescription. Your Physician may prescribe something stronger but most will contain zinc and vitamin E which help too promote proper blood circulation and assist the body in functioning in a healthier manner. Fast relief can be achieved by some of the creams and other homemade treatments.

Hot and spicy foods can be a source of irritation for those suffering from hemorrhoids or anything else that you eat which results in loose stool or diarrhea; the same can be said of foods that are highly acidic. If you are an unfortunate sufferer of hemorrhoids you obviously want quick relief. Online remedies both manufactured and homemade are plentiful on the Internet. With the proper treatment, those embarrassing little wrinkled clusters of grapes can disappear in no time at all.

what do hemorrhoids look like


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